Mandatory Mask =Mandatory Style

Wow what a crazy past few months this has been. This global pandemic, has shaken the world so much that we all have to think and behave so differently. Despite all this uncertainty, we have seen a growing movement of togetherness. It seems that we are all working together to create a world where hopefully there will be more understanding and compassion and whilst we are not quite there yet, we are on the road to getting there.

So Masks! they have become as important as your keys and your phone. When you are leaving your home to conquer the world (as most of our HHH lovers are) you might not be permitted on public transport, or even now in shops (which is being enforced from 24th July in the UK) without one. Our question is, If masks are becoming mandatory, then why not ensure your mandatory style?

Through out the lockdown we have been designing and making our own mask to keep you protected whilst still looking good. As we all don't know how long this period will last at least you will be looking amazing until things return to normal.

So how can I get one? I hear you ask. DM us via insta and you can be rocking yours in a matter of days.

Keep safe

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